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Guide : Foot Orthotics Accustomization

Guide : Foot Orthotics Accustomization  custom-made Plantar Fasciitis orthotics podform3D

Foot Orthotics Accustomization Guide

Your orthotics must sit flat and level inside your shoes. If the bottom of your shoes is too narrow to allow the orthotics to sit flat and level, you may need to change your shoe gear or discuss other orthotic options with your health practitioner. It takes approximately ten days to become accustomed to your new orthotics. Follow this guide ! 

Wearing Schedule:

Day 1: Wear no longer than 1 hour

Day 2: Wear no longer than 2 hours

Day 3: Do Not Wear Orthotics, Take a Break

Day 4: Wear no longer than 3 hours

Day 5: Wear no longer than 5 hours

Day 6: Do Not Wear Orthotics, Take a Break

Day 7: Wear no longer than 7 hours

Day 8: Wear no longer than 9 hours

Day 9: Do Not Wear Orthotics, Take a Break

Day 10: Wear up to 10 hours

Do not wear orthotics for athletic activity during the break-in period. Wait until the tenth day before doing any intense activity - such as running - while wearing your orthotics.

If you experience any joint pain while wearing orthotics, stop wearing the orthotics and contact us!