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SHOES TREATMENTS for plantar fasciitis

SHOES TREATMENTS for plantar fasciitis custom-made Plantar Fasciitis orthotics podform3D

Shoes: rigidity, stability, and elevation

During the treatment period, it is important to put aside shoes that do not provide support for your arch. Sandals, ballet flats, Converse, and minimalist shoes are a few examples.

Prioritize a good sports shoe with a rigid sole in which you feel supported
and stable. To make a good choice of shoe, visualize a hiking shoe. The goal here is to add stability to your foot during the healing time. Try to twist your shoe, if you can wiggle it all over the place, chances are it isn't stiff enough.

Shoes plantar fasciitis

    • Rise of approximately ¼ inch ("Drop" of 12mm).

    • Avoid shoes that are too flat or very high heels.

    • Rigid support at the level of the plantar arch.

    • Difficult to twist.

    • Bends little or does not bend at the toes.


Advice from your podiatrist: Shoes don't last forever. They usually need to be replaced after about 750 km or every 12 months.