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What caused my plantar fasciitis?

What caused my plantar fasciitis?

What caused my plantar fasciitis?

There is no one specific answer to this question. This condition affects young and old alike, active or sedentary people, women and men, people of short stature, and the most corpulent.

In most cases, this injury is partly caused by overuse of the foot causing microtears. Rare are the cases of direct trauma. Usually, those affected do not know how or why the pain started. However, it is important to identify and become aware of the cause since if it is repeated, the condition may worsen and the pain may increase. Here are some examples that could explain the onset of your pain:

  • A change of shoes

  • A history of a heel problem

  • An increase in intensity, duration, or frequency of physical activity

  • Recent weight gain

  • A non-gradual return to sport

  • An intense activity over a short period isolated in time (e.g .: moving, renovations, working in the field, etc.)

  • Walking barefoot on uneven or unstable terrain (e.g. on the beach, on a trail, etc.)

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* Several of these factors can be combined.
** In many cases, a particular event may have triggered the pain. However, a weakness may have been underlying for a longer time.

caused plantar fasciitis

As you can notice, in most cases, it is too much or too fast tension on the plantar fascia for too long a period, or conversely, isolated pressure over time without your foot has time to gradually get used to it. Think of your fascia as an elastic band: it is possible to put a certain amount of tension on it without any problem until it becomes too strong.

Understanding the cause of your pathology and knowing what it is called will not take away your pain, but these concepts are very effective in understanding and knowing how to take charge and treat it effectively!

Now that you know what plantar fasciopathy is, you will understand that the medium to long-term goal is not just to get rid of inflammation, but to help your body regenerate fascia. This is why treatments like ice cream and anti-inflammatory drugs are beneficial in the short term in reducing pain. It is also important to understand that the sooner the treatments are started, the higher their chances of success.