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Calf stretches for heel pain !

Calf stretches for heel pain !

Calf stretches The most important exercise for heel pain.

This type of exercise is essential for your rehabilitation. Calf stretch reduces the tension on the fascia since the tendons of these muscles are attached to it and join it at the level of the heel bone. A lack of flexibility in the calf can result in excessive tension in the fascia.


* It is recommended to do the stretches with your shoes on.

1. Stand in a forward lunge (you can also stand against a wall)
a. Front leg: knee bent;
b. Rear leg: knee straight.
2. Bring your body weight onto the front leg, keeping the back foot and the heel flat against the floor.
3. Feel the tension (but no pain) in the calf (triceps) of the back leg.
4. Hold this position for 1 minute.
5. Repeat with the other leg back.
6. Repeat this exercise as often as possible during the day, at least 4 times.

Avoid these common mistakes:

- Avoid completely locking the rear knee, this could injure you.
- Line up both feet parallel to your legs. Avoid opening the rear foot outward.
- Avoid raising the back heel off the ground.
- You must feel the tension in the calf, otherwise you may be too close to the wall.

Advice from your podiatrist: It is possible to incorporate this exercise into your morning and evening routine, by brushing your teeth for example, or in any situation where you are on hold.