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Plantar fasciitis: Treatments to do

Plantar fasciitis: Treatments to do

Rest and modification of activities

Here are the next steps you should do as soon as you know you suffer from plantar fasciitis.

The plantar fasciitis, like any damaged structure, needs time and rest to repair itself. He also needs you to decrease your activities. If you've been planning projects that require a lot of travel for the next few days, it might be wiser to rest and walk as little as possible. Limit movement and use of the fascia as in the case of a fracture. It is more difficult to do the same for the foot as it is placed several thousand times on the ground each day. The less time you spend standing, walking, or running, the faster your recovery will go. It is best to avoid high-impact activities such as treadmill running or "sprints".

Advice from your podiatrist: If pain is present during a particular activity, temporarily avoid that activity and replace it with one that does not cause pain. For example, replace running with swimming or even cycling.

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Support your feet:


To help the swelling go down further, place your foot in a position where it is higher than your heart. This way, gravity will take care of draining the swelling out of your heel. This can be done by placing your leg on a stool higher than the chair you are comfortably seated on.

Warming up

Before each trip, after a moment of rest or before your first steps in the morning when you get up, get in the habit of warming up and moving your foot. This will decrease your post-static dyskinesia-type pain.

• Grip the sheets or a towel with your toes and pull it towards you. Repeat several times for 5 minutes.
• Write the alphabet with your feet, lifting your leg up into the air while lying in your bed.

Advice from your podiatrist: You can use a semi-rigid sports ball to massage the underside of the foot.

Add custom orthotics insoles to your shoes to provide enough support to heal the fascia.